What Should You Write in a Birthday Card?

Elise Donoghue/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The message that is written inside of a birthday card can include anything from a simple “Happy Birthday!” to a long and heartfelt message about how much the person means to the writer of the card. The message inside of a birthday card should be personalized for the person the card is going to.

At the very least, most people include a greeting at the top of the prewritten message on a birthday card. They may put “Dear Joe,” at the top above the message, or they may simply write “Sally.” Most people usually sign the bottom of the card, on the right side underneath the message. They will generally put a signature like “Love, Jessica.” Some people may be more inclined to write a more personalized message underneath the prewritten message or on the left side of the card. This message lets the birthday person know that the writer is thinking about them on their birthday and has taken time out of their day to discuss what they love about them. The card can also include a best wishes message for the birthday. If the card already has happy birthday written on the inside, a message can be followed with ellipses.