How Should You Troubleshoot a Maytag Brand Refrigerator’s Ice Maker?

To troubleshoot a Maytag ice maker, check the freezer temperature, and examine the parts that most commonly cause the ice maker to malfunction, such as the inlet valve and door switch. After identifying the problem, replace the necessary parts. Most repairs can be completed in about an hour.

  1. Check the freezer temperature

    The freezer must be at or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the ice maker to work properly. If the freezer isn’t cooling properly, clean the condenser coils, and examine the evaporator coil for signs of frost. Frost on the evaporator coil indicates the need to replace components of the defrost system, such as the defrost timer.

  2. Examine lines and filters

    Check the water filter and incoming water lines for clogs, and clean the water lines. The water filter should be replaced if it appears clogged or dirty. The inlet valve, which controls the water coming into the ice maker, should also be examined. Replace the inlet valve if the lines and filter are clean, but the ice maker is malfunctioning.

  3. Replace the inlet valve

    If other solutions do not remedy the problem, remove and replace the inlet valve. It may be necessary to replace the ice maker assembly if the other parts are working properly.