What Should Someone Get His Wife for Their 16th Wedding Anniversary?

Some ideas for 16th wedding anniversary gifts are a silver tea set, a silver locket, a white gold emerald ring or golden topaz earrings. Traditional and modern gifts are silver holloware, the 16th anniversary gemstone is the golden topaz and the color is emerald green.

Silver holloware is defined as tableware, such as teapots, creamers, soup tureens and butter plates. It does not include flatware, but is considered instead to be accessories to a meal. This is both the traditional and modern gift for a 16th wedding anniversary. To go along with the silver theme, a silver locket or other piece of silver jewelry is a thoughtful gift.

If the wife prefers elegant jewelry, the husband may want to consider purchasing a piece made from golden topaz, the traditional gemstone for the 16th anniversary. Topaz earrings, pendant or ring, or even a set of matching pieces, makes a beautiful way to honor this milestone. Alternately, since emerald green is the traditional color, he may want to consider an emerald ring with the wedding date engraved on the back.

For husbands who want to break from tradition, consider the likes or bucket list of the wife, such as skydiving or travel.