How Should You Be a Responsible Person?

Responsibility comes from mastering personal goals, relational goals, achievement goals and charitable goals. Becoming a responsible person involves focusing on the present, improving behavior and choices every day, and making a daily decision to take action and improve life. Responsibility also involves perseverance and not giving up after failing.

Responsible people approach tasks with a mature attitude and understand that obstacles are sure to be encountered. They are dependable and true to their word. They prioritize their responsibilities and make good use of their time by not spending time on wasteful things. Responsible people also make an effort to develop strong social skills to improve their daily interactions. They implement a system for solving problems and don't let their focus slip from their daily goals.

A person who is responsible takes the time to focus on a problem and its potential solutions rather than eliciting an emotional response. He learns new skills that are necessary to solving the problem. A responsible person does not wait for others to solve problems for him or pass off work assigned to him to someone else. He learns ways to help himself physically, psychologically and emotionally to become strong and self-sufficient, and he manages his resources wisely.