Why Should You Read the New Testament of the Holy Bible?


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The New Testament of the Holy Bible provides substantial information on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and details the foundation of early Christian communities. It serves as the primary foundation for theology, preaching, catechises and Christian spiritual and moral development.

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Christians believe in the necessity of understanding the New Testament primarily because it is a main foundation for their religious beliefs and practices. There are, however, differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics on the correct way to approach reading the Bible. Many Protestants hold the Bible to be the only rule of faith for the Christian, while the Roman Catholic Church teaches that both Scripture and Sacred Tradition form the basis of Christianity. In addition, many Protestants teach that each believer has the ability to personally interpret the Bible by invoking the help of the Holy Spirit, whereas the Roman Catholic Church holds that the official teaching office of the Church has the final say on the meaning of specific Scriptural passages.

Even some who are not members of the Christian religion value the New Testament for its literary value and moral message. The New Testament has inspired many great works of art, music and literature throughout history.

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