When Should You Have a "take Off Your Shoes" Sign?


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When to hang a “take your shoes off” sign is up to the homeowner. Experts on etiquette disagree about whether or not it’s rude, but they do agree that guests should be given fair warning before they come to a home that they are going to be asked to remove their shoes.

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Some people are uncomfortable with a no-shoes policy. A reminder that guests are required to take off their shoes should be included on party invitations. This gives guests the opportunity to decline the invitation if they are uncomfortable removing their shoes. Another suggestion is to provide party slippers or socks. This satisfies the homeowner and makes guests feel taken care. Such is the responsibility of a gracious host.

Even when being asked to remove shoes comes as a surprise, some experts insist that guests honor the no-shoes policy of the host. Guests should keep in mind that they have been invited into someone else's home. Hosts for their part should be certain that there is a clean space large enough to line up shoes in a row, so they don’t get tumbled together and scuffed. The homeowner may be protective of their floors, but some guests may be protective of their shoes.

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