How Should You Date an Aquarius Male?

Aquarius men are bold, creative and confident, and they must be approached by someone who embodies the same qualities. Overbearing personalities are an immediate deterrent to any man born under this sign, and they require the same respect that they give.

According to Cafe Astrology, Aquarius men are out to change the world and will settle for nothing less in a partner. While they tolerate being approached by someone who is less grandiose, they have a decided intolerance for a lack of vision. Aquarius men are often liberal and forward thinking, ready to embrace new ideas and leave the old behind. They respond well to open mindedness and consideration, but less so to self-importance and a lack of willingness to change.

Elephant Journal further advises that you can win an Aquarius male's heart by first stimulating his mind. Aquariuses are known for the high value they place on intellectual pursuits, and Aquarius men prefer to have a partner who embraces their intellect and isn't afraid to challenge them. They can be prideful, but unlike many other signs, they are well aware of this personality flaw and more than willing to be called out on it. The most important thing to remember when dating an Aquarius male is that they value confidence and directness above all else.