What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Religious Bulletin Board?


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Some of the things to consider when purchasing a religious bulletin board are how often it will be used and its durability, looks and ease of use. Typically, three types of bullet boards are available: cork, fabric and magnetic fabric.

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Cork bulletin boards are the easiest to use. All it takes to post something on one is a push pin. Cork is reliable and a good choice when a bulletin board is being used by a number of people, say for posting public prayer requests. However, cork bulletin boards are the least durable and considered best for use in low-traffic environments. Over time cork bulletin boards fade and crumble.

Fabric bulletin boards are designed for use in public places. They look more professional than cork and are more durable. Some fabric bulletin boards "self-heal" the areas in which holes have been placed, so there are no visible gouges. This feature also helps the bulletin board retain its ability to hold pins reliably.

The higher-end bulletin boards combine fabric with a magnetic surface to allow users to either use push pins or magnets for displays. Although they cost more, these bulletin boards are the most durable. If the religious institution changes the bulletin board frequently, a fabric or magnetic fabric model may be the best option.

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