How Should You Compose a Church Anniversary Speech?

Chev Wilkinson/Stone/Getty Images

Compose a church anniversary speech to entertain your parishioners, as well as offer additional information about the history of the congregation. Include facts about the past, stories of the present and goals for the future of your congregation.

  1. Write down key points before composing your speech

    Make a list of important pieces of information you want included in your speech, For example, write down any important milestones the church has reached, perhaps in congregation numbers or service hours. Include worthwhile dates of these achievements.

  2. Gather personal stories and anecdotes to share

    Talk to elders and other longstanding members of the congregation about what the anniversary means to them. Ask for humorous or inspiring stories spanning from the first days of services to the present time. Note any special thanks you need to give in the speech, for volunteers who have gone above and beyond to make the church successful.

  3. Share future spiritual goals

    Based on past trends, as well as ideas from present members, write down future goals for the church. These could be as simple as raising more money for missionary trips or more time intensive aspirations, such as increasing community involvement within the congregation by a certain number by next year’s anniversary.

  4. Compose the speech

    Begin the speech with an introduction giving a brief history of the church and including a humorous or inspiring anecdote to get the attention of the listeners. Utilize the body of the speech to list achievements and other milestones, as well as share personal testimonies from members. Write a conclusion reiterating the key points of the speech, as well as offering future goals.

  5. Practice the speech

    Read your speech out loud to ensure it meets time requirements, as well as flows smoothly from one section to another. Adjust it accordingly, based on feedback you receive.