How Should Church Bylaws Be Drafted?


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When drafting church by laws, you should meet the church board to decide the bylaws, write the church’s name and bank accounts, and define the church’s purpose and mission and the denomination of the church. Also include requirements for church membership, board meetings and the church’s departments in the bylaws.

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The board of the church is convened and a discussion of the bylaws carried out. The mission of your church and the purpose of establishing the church is deliberated upon by the board members. During this time, the board should decide how to manage the assets of the church and what to do in case the church is dissolved. The affiliate mother church should also be discussed in the bylaws so that the relationship between the two is defined. Requirements for a person to become a member of the church and the promotion procedure for members to head various departments should also be elaborated upon.

It's important to explain how the bylaws might be amended if need be. Rules governing board meetings should also be noted in the bylaws, including the position held by each member of the church. Afterwards, hold a vote on the drafted bylaws. If approved by a majority of the board members, this becomes a binding document that the church can use to help guide its daily activities.

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