What Should You Do Before Firing a Shot From a Small Vessel?

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A hunter should stop a vessel, turn off its motor and anchor it securely before firing a shot, notes Kalkomey Enterprises. The hunter should be seated while shooting. According to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, it is illegal if these rules are not followed when hunting from a motorized boat or sailboat.

For waterfowl hunting, only 10-gauge or smaller shot guns that cannot hold more than three shells are allowed for use. Hunters may use legal archery equipment and muzzle-loading shotguns. Shots should be approved as nontoxic by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Such shots include steel, tungsten iron, tungsten-nickel-iron and tungsten-polymer.

Hunters cannot use an automobile or aircraft of any kind to hunt migratory birds. Persons with paralysis of both lower limbs and those missing one or both legs may hunt from an immobile motor-driven land vehicle. It is prohibited to use a motor-driven sailboat to rally, stir up, drive or corner birds.

Oregon State Marine Board cautions that waterfowl hunters should observe personal safety requirements to prevent death from drowning and effects of hypothermia. Required gear and equipment include approved life jackets, a first aid kit, anchor, oars or paddles in case the motor fails, water bailer, cell phone or VHF radio and other emergency tools.