How Should You Answer a Predictive Index Personality Test?

The best way to answer a Predictive Index personality test is to be as honest as possible. During a Predictive Index personality assessment, test takers are asked to choose adjectives that describe themselves as well as the way they believe others would describe them.

Employers use the tests to gauge how good of a match prospective employees may be for a job and to assess prospective employees’ values and goals for future workplace opportunities. Personality tests are not pass or fail tests, and employers are not necessarily all looking for the same qualities in an potential hires.

Companies spend a lot of money recruiting and training new employees. Before investing in a prospective employee, they like to measure how well each new employee will fit into the company culture on a long-term basis. PI Worldwide, the parent company of the Predictive Index personality test, insists that the purpose of administering the test is not to eliminate candidates but to find the right people with the right values for the position in question.

Some topics may not be included on the Predictive Index personality test for legal reasons, such as questions about mental or physical health. Some critics of the Predictive Index personality test believe that it should be evaluated from a distance.