How Should the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Be Said?


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Methods vary, but a common practice is to have exposition, adoration, benediction and reposition along with certain prescribed prayers. This full format requires a suitable member of the clergy to carry it out. Special hours of adoration may include particular themes, such as the Holy Hour for Life.

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The exposition consists of the celebrant removing the Eucharist from the tabernacle or other location and placing it on display for members of the congregation to adore. The celebrant and congregation often sing the "O Salutaris Hostia" hymn in either the original Latin or in a vernacular translation. Next comes a lengthy moment of adoration, which may include readings from the Scripture, the Rosary or other prayers, and a period of silence where members of the congregation can offer their own prayers and supplications. Next is the benediction, where the celebrant and congregation often sing the "Tantum Ergo," and where the celebrant then uses the Eucharist to bless the congregation. The celebration concludes with the celebrant putting the Eucharist away, and the congregation reciting the Divine Praises, and they may also sing a final hymn.

Periods of adoration with specific themes often draw upon Scripture readings and prayers related to the theme, such as the right to life, healing and marriage.

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