What Are Some Short Prayers for Meetings?

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Short prayers for meetings should include an address to God, thanks to God, any requests regarding the meeting about to take place, requests for inspiration for any speakers and a final, closing acknowledgment of the greatness of God. Closing a short prayer with the word “Amen” signals to the other people joining prayer that the opening prayer is over. Opening prayers can be formal or casual as appropriate.

The opening address to God can address him as Lord, Father or God. The section of the prayer thanking God can focus on the fact that God knows everyone at the meeting and has brought them all there. It can also include thanks for the privilege of meeting together, for any recent successful accomplishments and for the people in the room.

Requests for the meeting at hand can include prayer to understand what God wants out of the meeting, as well as requests for the people at the meeting to reach compromise and agreement if there is disagreement or tension present. This section can also include prayer for guidance, insight, courage and wisdom. The person leading in prayer can also pray for everyone to act with integrity rather than self-interest.

The closing of a short prayer at a meeting can quote from the Bible and reiterate the request for God’s presence during the meeting.