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Some short homilies are "Unless I see... I will not believe" and "The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: The Christian Family." Another short homily, "Fourth Sunday of Advent, Modern" from the Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, focuses on Jesus' humble beginnings in a manger.

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In "Unless I see... I will not believe," the priest tells a story of a man who keeps grudges during his life. Throughout his life, the man keeps a tally of those who wrong him, starting in his school days and continuing into old age. After the man dies, God shows the man his funeral service. The man watches all the people he held grudges against cry at the thought of his death. The homily ties the story into God's promised forgiveness for sin and the importance of confession.

Similarly, in the short homily "The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: The Christian Family," the priest talks about Jesus' early life and the care that he receives from Mary, his earthly mother. The homily goes on to stress the importance of strong families in God's plan, saying that families should encourage children to pray and that parents should pray for their children as they grow. Parents should carefully protect children from bad influences such as poor television choices. The homily ends by encouraging parents to help children learn to give their time and resources to the less fortunate.

"Fourth Sunday of Advent, Modern" talks about the importance of caring for vulnerable people. The homily talks about the human tendency to overlook people with low status. The priest goes on to encourage people to accept God's plan for the world, saying that God has an important plan for each person.

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