What Are Some Short Christian Stories Teaching Children About Telling the Truth?


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One example of a short Christian story about telling the truth is "Too Many Bad Things," which is about a boy who accidentally breaks the neighbor's property. Another popular Biblical story involves Elisha, a healer whose servant attempted to swindle a man who had recently been healed.

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The Christian story "Too Many Bad Things," published on the Focus on the Family website, discusses a boy named Daniel who threw his football at the neighbor's grouchy cat. When the cat jumped out of the way, the football crashed into the neighbor's flower pot and broke it. Daniel tried to hide the mess by turning the pot around, and while he was searching for a place to hide the broken pieces, he encountered his mother. Daniel considered lying, but he decided to tell the truth after thinking about the bad choices he made, including bothering the cat, entering the neighbor's property without permission and hiding the accident.

In 2nd Kings chapter 5, verses 19 to 27, the Bible tells the story of Elisha, whom God used as a proxy to heal a leper named Namaan. While Elisha refused to accept any gifts of thanks, his servant Gehazi approached Namaan under the pretense that Elisha had changed his mind. Gehazi received silver and garments, but Elisha learned of the treachery, and God punished the servant by making him ill with leprosy.

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