What Is a Short Biography of St. Augustine of Hippo?

St. Augustine of Hippo lived from 354 to 430 A.D., and was Bishop of Hippo, a defender of the Catholic faith and the author of numerous works of doctrine and spirituality. He was wayward in his youth, and later converted to the Catholic Faith, as told in his autobiography "Confessions."

St. Augustine's mother was St. Monica, and his father was Patricius. St. Augustine was born in the city of Tagaste in northern Africa during the days when the Roman Empire ruled much of the then-known world. His mother was a devout Christian, and his father was a pagan up to his conversion on his deathbed.

St. Augustine left his faith during his early adult years to pursue a life marked by lust and pride. He at one point also fell in with the heretical Manicheans, a group that taught that all matter was evil. The saint attributed his conversion back to the faith to factors such as his mother's prayers and the teaching of St. Ambrose of Milan. He became bishop of Hippo in 396.

Saint Augustine was a tireless fighter against heresy, and he upheld the Catholic faith in such works as the City or God, De Prædestinatione Sanctorum and additional works on the Trinity, prayer and the sacraments.