How Does Shiv Yog Help With Healing?


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Shiv Yog aids healing by augmenting contemporary Western medicine with insights gleaned from ancient Eastern philosophy, according to The Star Online. In Shiv Yog, ill health is viewed as the product of spiritual deficiencies and not solely as the result of physical and psychological phenomena.

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Shiv Yog is primarily associated with Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji, or Baba Ji, a spiritual teacher from India, explains The Star Online. The philosophy requires adherents to practice a series of techniques intended to foster links with the spirit world. These links create a channel that allows an unconditional love that purges disease-causing negative energy from the lives of believers. In Shiv Yog, negative energy is believed to spring from bad karma and is viewed as the typical cause of poor mental, physical and emotional health.

Shiv Yog allows adherents to tap into divine energy, explains The Star Online. This energy triggers the body's self-healing abilities, stimulating the consistent and timely secretion of certain health-giving substances. The divine energy postulated by Shiv Yog also boosts mental health by healing traumas, phobias and other psychological problems. Apart from improving physical and mental health, divine energy also lengthens a person's lifespan, according to believers. Attaining proficiency in self-healing requires up to six days, while the healing period varies between 20 minutes and eight days.

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