What Do Sharks Represent in Dreams?

sharks-represent-dreams Credit: James R.D. Scott/Moment/Getty Images

To dream of a shark may indicate feeling powerful or angry in everyday life. The context of the dream and the behavior of the shark in the dream can provide more information on the specific meaning of the symbol.

The shark is often used a symbol of aggression that is portrayed in mainstream media as a threat to personal safety. As a result of this view, to dream a shark is attacking can indicate the dreamer has been exposed to someone who they considered greedy or unethical. An individual dreaming from the perspective of the shark may feel as if the qualities of the shark are similar to his personal characteristics. For instance, someone who aggressively reaches goals despite harming others along the way may dream he is a shark.

Anger and hostility are emotions that are commonly associated with sharks. Dreaming of a shark may indicate feeling angry at someone or the knowledge that someone else is angry. The dreamer may feel as if he is under attack by another person, or he may fear someone in his waking life.

The shark symbol may indicate the a desire or need for independence. Sharks are traditionally considered solitary hunters that rarely seek social interactions with others of its species. As a result of this somewhat inaccurate view of the animal, to dream of sharks may indicate the need to develop individual goals and pursuits outside the family or social group.