What Are the Seven Plagues?


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The seven plagues are the signs of the end of the world as told in the book of the Bible called Revelations. This particular book of the Bible details the visions of the book's author, John, who writes of the signs occurring at the time of Jesus Christ's return and marking the wrath of God against humanity.

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The seven plagues are visited upon the people of Earth by seven angels bearing seven vials or shallow bowls.The first of the plagues is the appearance of painful sores on the bodies of those bearing the mark of the Beast. The Beast is the Anti-Christ, the evil figure who opposes Jesus Christ. The second plague is the turning of the seas into blood, causing the death of all organisms in the sea. The third plague is the turning of rivers and springs into blood. The fourth plague is the sun burning hotter and scorching the people. The fifth plague causes the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The sixth plague dries up the Euphrates River. The final plague brings about natural phenomena and disasters such as lightning, thunder, earthquakes and hail.

The book of Revelations is a detailing of the Second Coming of Christ, and with His coming, the judgment of all people. The seven plagues of Chapter 16 of Revelations are filled with symbolism that can be interpreted in numerous ways by different Christian denominations or biblical scholars.

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