What Are the Seven Habits of Highly Vindictive People?


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There are no well-known habits for highly vindictive people. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," however, is a popular business management and self-help book by Steven Covey.

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The goal of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is to help individuals to achieve their goals by changing their way of thinking. The first three habits focus on planning and encourage individuals to be proactive, to begin with the end in mind, and to put first things first. The next three habits emphasize the developing good working relationships through creating a win-win mindset, seeking to understand the other person's point of view, and fostering team work. The seventh habit, called "sharpening the saw," touts the benefits of continuous self-improvement.

Covey published "The 7 Habits of High Effective People" in 1989. He has sold over 40 million copies of this book, which spent 220 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. In 2011, Time called it one of the most influential business management books.

Covey wrote additional books, including "The 8th Habit," which he published in 2004. This book built on his earlier work and focused on helping people to develop their voices and inspiring others to do the same.

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