How Do You Set up a Uniden Telephone?

The first step to setting up a Uniden telephone is to plug in the charging base. Plug in the telephone line and the direct-current jack provided. Uncover the battery compartment, and place the rechargeable battery within the compartment. Fit the cover back in place.

Leave the handset on the phone base, and allow the battery to charge completely. It takes approximately four hours for complete charging. Check the battery status on the LCD screen of the handset. Fix a position for the base and handset that is away from the interference of any electrical sources.

After the phone is charged, select the language. Hold down the Menu button on the handset, and choose the Handset setup menu. Select the language submenu, and using the arrow keys, select the desired language. The choices available are French, Spanish and English. Choose the Select button to confirm the selection.

Next, select the Global setup menu, and then choose the Day and Time submenu. Select the day and the time, and press the Select button after each setting to confirm it. To set up the one-touch voice mail, get the voice mail access number from the service provider. Press down the menu button, and select