How Do You Set up Call Forwarding on a Landline Phone?

To set up call forwarding from a landline phone, dial *72, wait for the dial tone, and then enter the number of the phone the calls are to be forwarded to. Depending on the telephone service provider, the person setting up the call forwarding either hears a stuttering dial tone, the phone the calls are forwarded to rings, or the user must press the pound sign to finish setting up the call forwarding feature.

When entering the number of the phone the calls are to be forwarded to, enter the number as normally dialed. For example, to forward calls to a local number, enter the seven-digit phone number. To forward calls to a long-distance number, enter one plus the area code followed by the seven-digit number. With most service providers, you can cancel the call forwarding feature by repeating the same procedure but dialing *73 instead.

Different home telephone service providers offer a variety of different features for call forwarding services, and some providers charge fees for call forwarding services. Check with your service provider to inquire about any fee or extra features that are available before setting up call forwarding to avoid any unexpected charges for using the service.