How Do You Set Personal Goals?


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To set personal goals, create goals for the right reasons, choose goals for the journey rather than the outcome and don’t be afraid to change goals if they don’t work. Setting goals is not just about following through and working hard, but about setting correct and productive goals.

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While setting goals is an important practice for anyone who hopes to achieve success, it’s crucial to set goals that are motivated by the right reasons. Many people set goals with a set outcome or destination in mind, whether it’s extreme wealth, personal success or just a new possession. However, this kind of goal-planning can be shortsighted, resulting in a lack of fulfillment even if goals are achieved.

Executive coach and entrepreneur Stever Robbins recommends setting goals with a journey in mind, rather than a precise destination. Rather than striving for a rigidly particular goal, a more effective strategy is to consider in what general direction you want your life to move. Consider how you want to spend your time, what excites you, what you want to learn and who you want to collaborate with. Answering these questions can help define a goal far better than simply pursuing it blindly.

It’s important to recognize when a goal path is not working out so you can take steps to change it. Rather than acknowledging this as a failure, look at it as simply another part of the journey toward success.

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