What Are Some Services of Seacoast Church?

What Are Some Services of Seacoast Church?

Seacoast Church offers worship services with the opportunity for worshippers to respond to God at the end of the service, Kidscoast children's ministry with classrooms for newborns through fifth-grade students, and small Bible study groups. Worship services are practical, spirit-filled and mystical.

Pastor Greg Surratt started Seacost Church in 1988 with 65 worshippers in an apartment clubhouse in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. He wanted to start a church that was contemporary and unconventional, and where nonChristians could investigate the faith without pressure.

Damage from Hurricane Hugo forced the growing congregation to meet in four different locations before finding a temporary home in an elementary school. The church purchased 14 acres in the Mount Pleasant area in 1989 and opened its first auditorium in 1991. The church expanded the auditorium's seating to 1,350 in 1999.

Greg Surratt founded the Association of Related Churches in 2000 because he believed that God wanted Seacoast Church to plant 2,000 churches. The organization coaches and trains church planters, and has added around 50 churches per year to the organization since 2009.

Seacoast Church added Response Time to each of its services in 2006. This allows worshippers to reflect on what God is saying to them and how they might respond to God's instructions. The church encourages members to give to the church by giving a portion of what they have, giving a percentage of what they have on a regular basis, paying a 10-percent Biblical tithe, or giving beyond the standard tithe during certain seasons. The church welcomes members regardless of their finances.