What Are Some Services That Offer Daily Devotionals?

What Are Some Services That Offer Daily Devotionals?

Some services that offer daily devotionals include BillyGraham.org, ODB.org, InTouch.org, JoyceMeyer.org and RickWarren.org. BillyGraham.org, which is maintained by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, provides a calendar with daily verses, meditations and prayers. Each devotion begins with a bible passage. The accompanying meditation connects the bible passage to everyday life situations; a prayer for the day follows the study section.

Our Daily Bread Ministries runs ODB.org, a website that lists daily devotions. An online audio version accompanies each devotion; these audio files can be downloaded from the website as MP3s. Users can also subscribe to the audio devotions on iTunes.

Devotions on ODB.org feature stories of spiritual experiences, scripture verses, meditations and insights into the meanings of bible passages. The site briefly summarizes each devotion and includes a daily prayer. It also offers inspirational images and videos designed for prayer and meditation.

InTouch.org provides audio versions of its devotions online. The site, which is run by InTouch Ministries, presents daily devotions based on topics such as God's greatness, financial security, prayer and connecting with Jesus. Users can also look up devotions from previous days and months using the site's calendar feature. Each devotion provides a meditation on a scripture passage. The site's MyNotes feature allows users to take notes on the daily devotion.

Joyce Meyer Ministries runs JoyceMeyer.org, which posts daily devotions based on short scripture passages. They are taken from the book "Closer to God Each Day" by Joyce Meyer. The devotions cover topics such as love, change and living a simpler life. Many of the devotions on the site are especially geared toward Christian women.