What Are Some Sermons About the Prodigal Son?


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Some sermons about the Prodigal Son include "Waiting for the Prodigal" by Brent H. Nielson, "The Other Prodigal" by Jeffrey R. Holland and "The Prodigal Sons" by Robert Leroe. J.L. van Popta provides four sermons on the Prodigal Son: "The Prodigal Son Leaves," "The Son Returns," "The Elder Son" and "The Father Receives Sons Home."

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Holland's sermon about the Prodigal Son focuses not on the son who leaves and comes back in dire straits, but it looks at the elder son instead. The son, though dutiful, feels unappreciated when the fatted calf is killed for his younger brother and not for himself, the hardworking one. Holland goes on to explain that this son, who has so much, has yet to learn compassion and mercy. Both sons need to break out of the prison of selfishness.

Nielson's sermon on the Prodigal Son explains the waiting period that the father must endure and, by extension, all parents with rebellious children. This father was patient and loving as is demonstrated by his joy upon his son's return, qualities that parents need to emulate. They need to show unconditional love toward their wayward children and have faith that they can eventually return to the fold.

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