What Are Some Sermons on Fruit of the Spirit?


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Some sermons on fruit of the Spirit include "Set Free to Live" and "Patience - Fruit of the Spirit." A sermon on the fruit of the Spirit that is geared for children is "The Fruit of the Spirit."

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"Set Free to Live" talks about the Bible verses Galations 5:1 and Galations 5:13-18. The sermon begins by saying that there is really only one fruit of the Holy Spirit, but the fruit has nine different characteristics that Christians know as the fruit of the Spirit. The sermon goes on to say that the nine descriptions of the fruit of the Spirit are the attributes of a Christian life.

The sermon says that with Christ, a Christian is spiritually set free and can live in a way that shows the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit to others. The sermon gives the background of Paul's concern with the church in Galatia and the local teachings that commanded new Christians to follow rigorous customs. The sermon makes the point that salvation in Christ sets a Christian free rather than requiring adherence to strict rules.

"Patience - Fruit of the Spirit" focuses on the specific character of patience. The sermon says that trials and hardships in life develop patience. Christian patience means learning to accept disappointments gracefully. The sermon urges listeners to persevere during trying circumstances and to demonstrate patience when faced with struggles.

Similarly, in the children's sermon, "The Fruit of the Spirit," the teacher uses a bowl of fruit to illustrate the fruit of the Spirit. The sermon says that fruit not only tastes good, but it is also good for the body. The sermon ends by asking God to send his Spirit so that Christian's can show good fruits.

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