What Are Some Sermon Topics by Graham Cooke?


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"Rejoicing Increases Faith," "Do Not Battle Fear. Embrace Love!" and "All Obstacles School Us in Divine Confidence" are some of Graham Cooke's sermon topics. Cooke is a well-known Christian speaker and author from Manchester, England, who has published 20 books, as of 2015.

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In "Rejoicing Increases Faith," Graham Cooke discusses the importance of finding and celebrating the good in all situations. He states that negativity has power over those who only rejoice when good things happen to them. A person who sees the goodness of God in all circumstances can live free of anxiety over what is yet to come, as they know they always have something for which to show thanksgiving.

Cooke explains why a person should not fight to overcome negativity in "Do Not Battle Fear. Embrace Love!" Thanks to Christ's sacrifice at the Cross, they are under no obligation to dwell on the bad in an attempt to overcome it. When they instead look beyond it, they disallow the negative from being a part of their experience at all, and can live free from its influence.

In "All Obstacles School Us in Divine Confidence," Cooke examines obstacles as clear manifestations of God's vision. Each obstacle serves a purpose by cultivating growth in the person who has learned from overcoming it. Whether it teaches them about trust, patience or anything else, it develops them in a way that brings them closer to who God intends them to be.

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