What Is a Sermon Outline for Jeremiah 33:14-16?


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The main focus of sermons using the text of Jeremiah 33:14-16 is usually hope, and a sermon outline for this text often takes the form of an anecdote about hope, either positive or negative, and then a discussion of Christian hopes being founded in the certainty of Christ's love and sacrifice. These sermons are usually given on the first Sunday in Advent.

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Jeremiah's prophecy discusses the new branch that is to spring up out of the pain and terrors of the Judean captivity, and it is usually taken as a starting point for a discussion of Christian hope and expectation during Advent. Because of the personal nature of hope, an anecdote from the preacher's own life or the history of the congregation is often used.

Other sermon ideas for this text include the concept of Christ's coming as the return of justice, and tie the advent story into the importance of promise keeping. These sermons often take the form of the preacher questioning his congregation about the value of their given word and leading on to discussing the faithfulness of God's promises.

Another interpretation of the passage takes the words as a sign of God's control of the future. This type of sermon starts by discussing various human views of time, pointing out that Jewish, and therefore Christian thought sees time as linear. The preacher then discusses the uncertainty that a linear future can engender, before noting that the passage encourages the hearer to take heart from the fact that God's faithfulness ensures that the future contains salvation.

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