What Is the Sequence of End of Time Events?


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There are several theories and scenarios about the end of time or end of the world, but all of these are mere probabilities. An example is the Big Crunch Theory, according to which the universe will end in a reversed Big Bang manner. Because the universe initially expanded from a single infinitely dense point, and it keeps expanding, scientists say there might be a critical density point, after which the universe could start collapsing back into one single point.

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Two theories similar to the Big Crunch are the Big Rip Theory and the Big Bounce Theory. In the scenario of the Big Rip, the universe will keep expanding beyond the critical density point. Gravity will no longer hold particles and atoms together, and eventually the universe and all the bodies in it will rip apart. Particles will be scattered around space.

However, the Big Bounce Theory states that, at the critical density point, the universe will collapse back into one point of infinite density, which will create the necessary impulse for it to bounce back into expansion. A new universe is created and, if the theory is correct, different universes have probably existed before.

Eschatology studies the ultimate fate of humanity from a theology perspective. Christian eschatology mainly revolves around the Second Coming of Christ, the Rapture and the Resurrection of the dead. In Hinduism, the idea of a cyclic development of the universe is present: all creation contracts into the point of singularity and then expands again.

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