How Do You Sell Thomas Kinkade Paintings?

Selling a Thomas Kinkade painting is as easy as posting an ad on Ebay, contacting a local auction house or placing it in an art gallery. However, different kinds of Thomas Kinkade paintings command different prices.

Before attempting to sell a Thomas Kinkade painting, spend some time doing outside research. First, determine whether the painting is an original or a reproduction. Some original Kinkade works can command a high price, but because the artist never touched the reproductions, they aren’t likely to sell for very much money.

Understand the edition number on the painting. Standard numbered, artist proof, publisher proof and examination proof are manufactured and aren’t worth much. Gallery proofs and international proofs that include gold foil embossing are the most collectible.

After gathering all of the necessary information about the painting, it?s time to decide if selling the painting online, in a gallery or in an auction house is the best choice. Ebay reaches a wide online audience and can get the painting sold fast, but huge profits aren?t likely. For original works by Thomas Kinkade, consider contacting an art gallery. If local galleries aren’t interested in the painting, contact the Kinkade gallery in Placerville, California. Some auction houses may also be interested in selling the painting.