What Are Some Self-Motivation Tips?


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Some self-motivation tips include setting realistic goals, seeking out new opportunities, being positive, not being afraid to make mistakes and not engaging in limiting thoughts. Setting challenging but realistic goals is an important part of self-motivation. Goals that are too easy or unrealistic encourage procrastination and prohibit completion.

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Seeking new opportunities away from a comfort zone is another part of self-motivation. Never stepping outside of a comfort zone may lead to missing big opportunities. Being positive and choosing to be happy can help people to become more motivated, while negativity and self-limiting thoughts lead to less motivation.

Other keys to self-motivation include not being afraid to make mistakes and not being dissuaded by obstacles. A self-motivated person continues to pursue goals and achievements, in spite of obstacles, mistakes or criticism. Self-improvement websites, such as Top Achievement, suggest spending time listening to inspirational tapes or reading inspirational books.

Self-motivated people also tend to live only in the present, not in the past or future. Thinking too much about the future or dwelling in the past inhibits a person's ability to make things happen in the present. Lifehack suggests tracking progress in order to know when goals are achieved and to continue learning.

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