How Is Self-Esteem Commonly Defined?


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Self-esteem is commonly defined as how a person thinks and feels about himself on a daily basis. Self-esteem develops throughout life from childhood experiences, accomplishments and failures. It also develops depending on treatment from family, peers, teachers and other people involved in the person's life.

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Self-esteem is made up of three primary components. These components conclude that self-esteem is an important need that is vital for healthy development, that self-esteem emerges from its own nature based off beliefs and awareness of oneself, and that self-esteem coincides with the thoughts, actions and emotions of oneself. When an individual only looks at how he is doing in the present and only feels good during positive experiences, it is an example of low self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem occurs when a person recognizes his positive and negative aspects, while also acknowledging his self-worth.

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