How Do You See Spirits?

It's often possible to see spirits by looking for sparkles of light, shadows, apparitions or and fuzzy air in your peripheral vision. Most people sense spirits before they see them, but paying attention to these visual clues can help you better perceive and identify the presence of spiritual energy.

Spirits most commonly appear as vague, fuzzy shapes that cause changes in the texture or density of the air. The appearance of fuzzy air is caused by spirits' energetic vibration and density, which are different from physical beings. Dim light or red light both make it easier to perceive this type of spirit in a room. Spirits may also appear as a flicker or sparkle of light. This can often indicate the presence of angels, spirit guides or deceased relatives. Light sparkles often appear diagonally above peripheral vision, often to the right side.

Conversely, spirits may appear in the form of shadows. Although these are often thought to be evil or negative, shadows may also be spirit guides or deceased loved ones. A shadow simply may indicate difficulty manifesting on the physical plane. The rarest form of appearance is a full or partial apparition. These spirits are often white-hued and may have a smoky appearance, but they may also appear in full color. These spirits may only appear briefly because of the difficulty it takes to fully materialize.