How Do You See Human Auras?


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To see human auras, go to an area where there is not a lot of bright, harsh lighting, explains Chios Energy Healing. The background behind the body or body part you are viewing should not be dark or light, but a neutral, medium color. Relax the eyes and try to look at the body part in a steady but unfocused way, as if gazing at something in the distance.

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Using the hands as practice, hold them out, arms extended with palms facing up. Focus on the space around the hands and on the shape of the hands. After a short time, glance away from the hands and try to hold a mental picture of the space around them. Think about what the hands looked like and whether there was any fuzziness or haze around them.

With a soft gaze, look back at the hands and check to see if an aura or layer of shine has formed around them. Don't make the focus too hard; try to maintain a soft gaze. Repeat the process numerous times, each time trying to allow a stronger impression of light surrounding the hands to form mentally. This may help the aura become more easily visible.

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