How Is a Sebaceous Cyst on the Scalp Removed?

Sebaceous cysts are removed from the scalp through incision and drainage, minor surgery or laser removal, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most commonly removed due to discomfort or cosmetic reasons, sebaceous cysts typically don’t cause any serious health problems. It is important to avoid popping or picking at a sebaceous cyst, as this can cause scarring and infection.

Incision and drainage is a quick and simple removal technique, however, when using this method, it is common for a sebaceous cyst to reappear, according to the Mayo Clinic. To perform an incision and drainage, a doctor makes a small cut on the sebaceous cyst and squeezes out the contents.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a minor surgical procedure to remove a sebaceous cyst is typically effective in preventing the re-growth of the cyst. With minor surgery, the entire cyst is removed and the scalp is stitched closed. Once healed, stitches must be removed in a doctor’s office.

Laser treatment is a non-invasive method used to remove a sebaceous cyst, according to the Mayo Clinic. Utilizing a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the cyst, laser treatment produces minimal scarring. Self-treatment of a sebaceous cyst at home is also sometimes effective; this involves covering the cyst with a hot, wet washcloth to help it drain and heal.