What Is Sea Foam Gas Treatment?

Sea Foam gas treatment is a gasoline additive that breaks down petroleum varnish, a byproduct of combustion that can cause deposits of soot and other contaminants throughout an engine and fuel system. Sea Foam helps break these deposits down while lubricating parts and reducing moisture buildup.

Carbon deposits are an inevitable consequence of running any internal combustion engine. When fuel combusts, it rarely burns completely, leaving behind various gases and carbon compounds. Over time, these compounds can coat engine components, affecting power and speed. Over long periods of time, these deposits can even interfere with valve and piston operation, causing engine failure.

As Sea Foam is a blended petroleum product, it can be added to an engine in multiple ways. Simply pouring it into the fuel tank, along with the gasoline, allows it to remove deposits in the fuel system. It can also be added directly to crankcase oil, where it can help clean pistons and other vital components. Users should follow the directions on the can to ensure proper operation.

Since Sea Foam and other cleaning products can loosen grime inside the engine, they can cause the oil and fuel to become dirtier than usual. In the case of a particularly dirty engine, this may produce foul odors and even smoke while driving as the contaminants are burned out of the system. Changing the oil and the fuel filter after using Sea Foam can help correct these issues if they occur.