What Are Some Scriptures to Share With Someone Who Is Healing?

What Are Some Scriptures to Share With Someone Who Is Healing?

Bible verses appropriate to share with someone healing include Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 30:2, Psalm 107:19-20, James 5:14 and First Peter 2:24. Other verses include the sections of the Gospels that relate occasions when Jesus healed people, such as Matthew 8:5-17, which tells how Jesus healed a paralyzed servant without physically seeing the man. Many appropriate verses focus on the healing power of faith and prayer.

Isaiah 41:10 speaks from God's perspective, reassuring believers that He "will strengthen" and "help" them through their travails.

Psalm 30:2 praises God for healing the writer of the Psalm when he cried out to God.

Psalm 107:19-20 presents the idea that God "sent forth his word" to heal and rescue believers from the grave. Accordingly, the verse calls on those God heals to praise Him for "His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds."

James 5:14 calls on believers to confess their sins to each other and to "pray for each other so that you may be healed." The verse also indicates the power and effectiveness of the prayers of the righteous.

First Peter 2:24 reassures those in need of healing that Jesus took their sins into his own body, allowing the faithful to put away sin and to "live for righteousness." The verse ends with the affirmation that the wounds of Jesus underlie the healing powers of the Christian faith.