What Is the Scripture Isaiah 9:10 About?


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In the King James Version of the Holy Bible, Isaiah 9:10 speaks about destruction and the act of rebuilding. Isaiah says that the Israelites will replace fallen bricks with hewn stones, and replace fallen sycamores with cedar trees. If the verse is taken in the context of the rest of Chapter 9, it can be viewed as God punishing the Israelites for their arrogance and likewise punishing the Israeli leaders for their poor leadership.

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Although the verse itself seems hopeful and brave, it only seems this positive in nature when viewed as separate from the rest of Chapter 9 of Isaiah. Indeed, hewn stones are more sturdy than bricks and cedars are more weather-resistant than sycamores, but at this moment God is seeking to punish the Israelites for abdicating from their responsibilities and forgetting their Creator. God promises to send his son to sit upon the throne of David; however, in exchange for this sacrifice the kingdom of Israel must be destroyed in order for it to be rebuilt.

One of the most famous passages in the Bible comes right before Verse 9, in Verse 6 of Isaiah Chapter 9. For the first time in the Bible, God explicitly tells a prophet that he will offer Israel his son as a savior so that the community can be saved. God's promise of a savior for Israel is one of the most important parts of the Old Testament and is often viewed by religious scholars as the point where the vengeful God of the Old Testament gives way to the merciful God of the New Testament.

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