How Do You Take a Screenshot on the IPad?

To take a screenshot on the iPad, locate the image that you want to capture. Find the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons, and press each down together until the screen flashes and you hear a shutter-clicking sound. Confirm that the image is saved to the iPad’s camera roll.

  1. Find the image

    Locate the image that you want to capture as a screenshot, and be sure that it is displaying on the screen.

  2. Locate the appropriate buttons

    Two buttons are required to take screenshots. The Home button is the round button located at the bottom of the iPad, and the Sleep/Wake button is located on the top.

  3. Take the screenshot

    Hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button down together until the device makes a shutter-snapping sound and briefly flashes white, and then release all the buttons.

  4. Confirm that the screenshot saved

    Confirm that the screenshot saved by looking through the camera roll to see if the image appears.