What Are Some Scottish Traditions?


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Scottish traditions include traditional dress, early literacy, beliefs in the supernatural and Hogmanay. The latter is a type of New Year's Eve celebration that includes fireworks, torchlight processions and live music. Burns Supper and St. Andrew's Day are also traditional holidays that celebrate Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet, and Scotland itself respectively. In fact, Scots sing "Auld Lang Syne," a poem written by Robert Burns, on Hogmanay.

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Other Scottish traditions include the Highland Games and traditional dress. Scottish men wear kilts, a tradition that they hold to during formal events and marriages. Traditional marriages occur on the weekends. While the groom wears a kilt, the bride wears white. The marriage takes place in a church close to the bride's home. Scotland is known for its clans, which are kinship groups.

The Highland Games, which occur every year, have been a traditional part of the culture since the fifth century B.C. and contests of strength were added in the 11th century. The events include tug-o-war, tree toss, hammer throw, running and riding. During the games, people enjoy live music. The bagpipes and Gaelic harp are both traditional instruments still in use as of 2015.

The Scottish have traditionally believed in the supernatural, including fairies, ghosts and the second sight. These traditional superstitions are often found in Scottish literature.

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