What Are Some Scorpio Traits?


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Scorpios overall are characterized by the intensity of their often contradictory personalities. Whether positive or negative, the attributes of a Scorpio tend to be extreme. They can be fiercely independent or painfully needy, generously loving or coldly stand-offish, strong and in-charge or vulnerably fragile. Scorpios maintain an air of mystery, burying their true feelings deep within. They exhibit a decidedly determined nature and once they've made a decision, their strong will makes them difficult to dissuade.

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Symbolized by the scorpion, Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign and occupies the period of October 24 to November 22 on the astrological calendar. Scorpios are known for their courage, willing to tackle tough situations without hesitation and not flinching in the face of opposition or conflict. Ambition is another defining Scorpio attribute; they are motivated by their need to succeed and hungrily pursue high-level positions of influence and reward.

With the sweet, however, comes the sour. Scorpio's negative characteristics are challenging reminders of their intense natures. They crave control and have a defining desire to dominate, often getting what they want no matter what. At the same time, they ruthlessly resist being controlled or manipulated by others. Scorpios are highly possessive people, easily sidetracked by intense bouts of jealousy and hard to handle as relationship partners. When they feel slighted or wronged, the Scorpio's vindictive nature can be overpowering.

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