Why Is Scorpio Also the Phoenix?

scorpio-also-phoenix Credit: Latitudestock/Gallo Images/Getty Images

The astrological sign Scorpio is also represented as the phoenix to symbolize the transformational potential of the earth-bound scorpion. This multifaceted sign, which is the eighth house of the zodiac, is the only sign represented by more than one animal and is associated with forbidden desires. The scorpion is a withdrawn, crawling creature that signifies death and transformation, while the phoenix represents immortality and rebirth.

Classical mythology holds that the phoenix, a large, beautiful bird that represents the sun, built a funeral pyre and set itself on fire every 500 years only to rise from the ashes and live through another cycle. This myth represents the indestructible creative spirit. It is symbolic of a Christ-like figure and often appears in popular culture, such as in the Harry Potter franchise.

The scorpion is known to hide in dark corners and has the power to sting if threatened. The scorpion is thought to have a fiery emotional intensity, and it is those flames that contain its secret to immortality. According to legend, a scorpion is willing sting itself to death if cornered with no hope of escape. Both the scorpion and the phoenix have the ability to enter the destructive fire, which signifies psychological death, in order to be transformed.