What Is the Scientific Name of Guava?

mauroguanandi/CC-BY 2.0

Scientific name examples for guava include Psidium guajava for the apple guava, Psidium guineese for the Brazilian guava, Psidium dumetorum for the Jamaican guava and Psidium cattleianum for the strawberry guava. Guavas are comprised of about 100 species that belong to the Myrtaceae family.

Guavas are evergreen plants that reach 33 feet tall. The evolution of guava species varies, with the strawberry guava becoming an invasive species in Florida and Hawaii, while the Jamaican guava has become extinct. The guava fruit has many human health benefits including preventing type-2 diabetes, weight loss, preventing eyesight degradation, preventing and slowing down certain types of cancer, stimulating the brain, skin care and enhancing a wound’s healing process by applying guava juice externally. Pakistan appointed guava as the national winter fruit.