What Is the Science Behind Zodiac Matches?


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Astrology has never been proven to have any scientific basis in predicting or explaining any of its claimed fields, including personality analysis, future prediction, and zodiac matches regarding relationships, platonic and otherwise. Evidence in favor of astrological predictions or claims fails to meet scientific standards in experiments and fails to explain mechanism of action by which they would, in theory, work. Most scientists agree that astrology appears to work through confirmation bias and other pattern-seeking behaviors in humans.

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Zodiac matches operate through several forms of confirmation bias that appear when the participants are aware of their similarity or compatibility according to their astrological signs. Thus, in order to make a zodiac match work, the effect requires that one or both of the participants be aware of the astrological connection. Vague but specific-sounding information and supposedly authoritative sources add to this effect, as well as positivity the part of the participants that makes them want to believe the statements or claims made by the astrological prediction.

Shifts in the tilt of the Earth's axis and different historical methods of judging the position of important astrological symbols make modern systems of astrology vastly different from their predecessors. The scientific basis of horoscopes and astrology lies in the field of psychology rather than biology or astronomy.

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