What Are Some Scary Native American Legends?


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Scary Native American stories include "The Girl-Chenoo" and "An Abenaki Witch Story." Many Native American tribes across the United States have scary legends that have been passed down through generations.

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"The Girl-Chenoo" is an Algonquin legend. In this story, a young 20-year-old girl and her family go up a river on a hunt that is to last all winter. A young man who wishes to marry the girl comes with them. The girl refuses to marry the young man, so he puts a spell on her. She becomes ill-tempered and only eats snow. She asks her tribe to kill her because she is becoming a Chenoo, a fierce, unconquerable being. The tribesmen shoot her 49 times, but she does not die, so they burn her. She turns to ash, except for her heart, which has become the coldest ice.

"An Abenaki Witch Story" is an Abenaki legend. In this story, a witch dies, and his tribe buries him in the top of a tree. Later, a man and woman traveling through the area camp beneath the tree. The woman hears gnawing sounds that last all night. In the morning she tries to wake her husband, but she finds that he is dead and that his heart is missing. She travels to a nearby lodge, and the people there believe that she has killed her husband. When they return to the campsite, they find the dead witch in the tree above the campsite with fresh blood on his mouth.

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