What Are Some Scary Ghost Stories?


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Some scary ghost stories include "Black Aggie," "Bloody Bones" and "Death Waltz." Other frightening spirit tales are "Golden Hand," "Screaming Jenny," "White Lady" and "Storm Hag".

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What Are Some Scary Ghost Stories?
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"Black Aggie" is the story of a statue that marked the grave of a woman in Baltimore's Druid Ridge cemetery. It is said that the woman's ghost haunts the statue and brings it to life. In "Bloody Bones," an eccentric old woman conjures her dead friend back to life so he can get revenge against the man who killed him. "Death Waltz" is the story of a soldier who goes missing so his sweetheart decides to marry another. His ghost returns to dance with her at her wedding.

"Golden Hand" tells the story of a man falls in love with a beautiful widow with an unusual appendage. After he murders her for the gold, her ghost seeks revenge. Poor "Screaming Jenny" was an impoverished woman who burned to death when her skirts caught on fire. Afraid she would be forgotten, her flaming ghost haunts the area where she died.

"White Lady" is about an angry ghost who rises from a New York lake with her two dogs. She roams a nearby parking looking for her lost child. "Storm Hag" is a about the ghost of a woman who rises from the waters of Lake Erie to terrorize sailors.

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