Why Are My Scalp and the Roots of My Hair Hurting?

Scalp and hair root pain have many causes, the most common of which is pulling hair too tight, explains WebMD. Migraine headaches, head injuries and skin disorders may also induce scalp pain, according to Healthgrades. Other explanations include head lice and serious conditions, such as brain tumors and scalp wounds.

Scalp pain and painful hair roots occur when there is major or minor trauma to the head area, including the brain, skull or scalp. Trauma can result from something insignificant, such as pulling hair too tight which strains the scalp and hair follicles, or from a more serious injury, such as a fracture or gash. Migraine headaches and tension headaches may also cause scalp pain. Inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles, resulting from various skin disorders or head lice, also contribute to scalp tenderness and discomfort, notes The New York Times.

In more serious cases, brain tumors, hemorrhage or traumatic brain injuries are associated with scalp pain, says Healthgrades. Because scalp pain can accompany serious conditions that may result in chronic complications including brain damage, blindness or paralysis, it is vital to see a health care practitioner to properly diagnose and treat the underlying causes of any scalp pain.