How Do You Satisfy the Needs of a Pisces?


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According to WikiHow.com, to satisfy the needs of Pisces people, don't be rude to their friends, don't embarrass them, don't ridicule their values, don't be cruel to animals and don't make promises that you can't keep. Pisces are also easily influenced, but do not take kindly to flippant dominance.

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BeliefNet.com claims that for Pisces people, love and spirituality are the same, and they share their soul with their partner. They can be easily overwhelmed, so it is best to step back and give them some space. Pisces also like tantric yoga, candles and romantic music, and do not like raw or crude music. If you feel that your Pisces partner is living in a dream world, do not destroy that illusion. Show him what he is missing in the world, and let him act on their own.

An important source of joy for a Pisces is his partner's happiness. The happier he can make his partner, the happier he will be. Pisces people are also highly imaginative and expect their partners to understand and accept their living in a fantasy world. They are easily controlled, but make sure that they are given the love and respect they need. It is also necessary to encourage them to become independent.

They also like people who are optimistic and uplifting.

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